Best Pinot Noirs at every price

Our Favorite Pinot Noirs

Best Pinot Noir at Every Price

Pinot Noirs are a great introduction to red wine. They often have less of the drying, bitter sensation (tannin) than many more full bodied reds — making them a great option to drink alone or pair with food. Check out our favorite Pinto Noirs at each price point.

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Under $20

2020 Georges Duboeuf Pay d'oc

Don’t let the twist top fool you — this is a stunning wine. At $15 it is a great value that would still be worth it at twice the price.

Under $50

2018 Domaine Anderson Estate

Stepping into the $20-$50 range means starting to explore more complex Pinot Noirs. At $45, Domaine Anderson provides beautifully soft dark fruit, earth, and mild oakiness without presenting as overly tannic.

Under $100

2019 Penner-Ash Estate

Stepping up in price range allows you to get the full experience of what a Pinot Noir can be. It’s certainly more intense than the other wines in this list with more pronounced fruit and spice.

For the Love of Wine

Great things can happen over a glass (or two) of wine. Our goal is to demystify this age old drink to so you can enjoy it even more. If you want to further your wine knowledge, we suggest checking out some of the following resources:

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