4 bottles of our favorite california cabernets

Our Favorite California Cabernets

2022 - Best California Cabernet at Every Price

California Cabernets are widely considered some of the greatest wines in the world, but let’s face it — picking out a bottle can be hard. We’ve pulled together a selection of our favorite California Cabs that we’ve come across lately to make your decision a little easier.

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Selecting a bottle of wine at a restaurant can feel a bit intimidating… and the liquor store? Might as well be picking in the dark. So how do we pick a bottle we know we’ll like?

Well, that’s hard (even for well seasoned wine drinkers). We know we love a good California  Cab, but where to we go from there? Easy. Start with how much you want to spend. Here’s our favorite California Cabernet at every price.

2019 Cannonball Cabernet Sauvignon

Under $20

2019 Cannonball Cabernet


At $17 per bottle, the 2019 Cannonball Cabernet punches above it’s weight. It packs everything you want from a California Cab. Big stone fruit  is balanced up by nice firm tannins and subtle toasted tobacco.

Under $50

2018 Ettore Signature

Coming in at $48/bottles, Ettore’s 2018 Cab Sauv Signature may be a little outside of daily drinker range for most people. With that being said, it makes for a perfect bottle to break out for when you’re making a great dinner after a long week. 


Ettore steps up the complexity on this wine with mineral and delicate florals — adding a layer to everything we know and love about California Cabs.

Ettore's 2018 California Cabernet Sauvignon Signature
Best California Cabernet Under $100

Under $100

2018 Davis Estates

This $85 bottle from Davis Estates is the perfect cab for a special occasion. 

Fruit flavors are rich and give the feeling of  more age than its 2018 bottling would foreshadow. The oak in this wine is more apparent than the others on the list, making the otherwise light tannins feel slightly bigger than they really are.

This is a wine drinkers wine. We know you’ll love it.

Over $100

2018 Quintessa Meritage

If you’re really looking to splurge and are able to get your hands on a bottle, the 2018 Quintessa comes in at $210 (at Total Wine) and delivers everything you would hope for at the price point. It carries a richness of truffle, black fruit, toffee, and dark chocolate with a long lingering palette.

2018 Quintessa Meritage

For the Love of Wine

Great things can happen over a glass (or two) of wine. Our goal is to demystify this age old drink to so you can enjoy it even more. If you want to further your wine knowledge, we suggest checking out some of the following resources:

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