The Internet's Best Mashed Potato Recipe

Best Mashed Potato Recipe

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In the perfect world, the best mashed potato recipe makes a side dish that is fluffy, creamy, smooth, and salty. Unfortunately, many of the recipes you’re bound to stumble across leave something to be desired. We put recipes to the test so you can have the perfect potatoes, every time. 

Theses potatoes are not for the faint of heart. Go in with big eyes, an empty stomach, and prepare for starchy goodness.

We made the 5 highest rated mashed potato recipes we could find online, as well as 2 recipes of our own. In total, we tested (ate) over 15 pounds of potatoes – and we think we’ve finally found a winner.

While different recipes have their own advantages and techniques, we want mashed potatoes that are outstanding on all fronts. Some people may prefer any of the great recipes we tested, but if  you just want to make the best mashed potatoes you’ve ever had, skip this article and click the button below.

Bowl of potatoes

The Winner

Our top pick is the Once Upon A Chef recipe. It’s the perfect no-boil recipe. These mashed potatoes were so creamy and rich. The salt levels were just salty enough to counter the heavy cream. This is the only way we would recommend making Russet mashed potatoes!

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Runner Up

If you prefer a tad bit healthier, the New York Times recipe is the way to go. This recipe using boiled Yukon Potatoes is superb and won’t lead you astray. With clear, straightforward instructions you can’t go wrong with these buttery mashed potatoes. 

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Yukon Gold Potatoes

How We Decided

To rate each recipe, we made each mashed potato according to the recipe without any modifications. The perfect mashed potatoes are creamy, salty and smooth. The potatoes are the star of the show and toppings shouldn’t be a crutch. 

The best mashed potatoes will be rich and starchy with a balanced amount of salt. Any additional toppings shouldn’t factor into your decision on a great potato, they are enhancers based on personal preference. 

We picked the recipes that the average internet search showed when searching for a mashed potato recipe. We threw out any recipe with an average score lower than 4.0 and any recipes that had prominent secondary flavors, i.e. garlic mashed potatoes. 

This led us to make 5 of the top rated, most reviewed recipes we could find, as well as 2 recipes of our own. In total, we made (and ate) almost too many mashed potatoes (aka 15+ pounds). 

Recipes We Reviewed

All Recipes

Basic Mashed Potato Recipe

The Internet’s Rating: 4.5/5

Reviews: 469


Basic would be an understatement to say the least. This is a prime example of rating not providing a clear look into the success of a recipe. Boiled Russets are not the way to go, the final product turned out mealy and bland.

Simply Recipes

Perfect Mashed Potatoes

The Internet’s Rating: 4.9/5

Reviews: 158


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover but don’t blindly trust it either. Perfect is a stretch, these mashed potatoes were on their way to greatness but the fat to starch ratio wasn’t there. The milk and cream combo may be the healthier solution but not the more delicious option. 

New York Times Cooking

Classic Mashed Potatoes

The Internet’s Rating: 4/5

Reviews: 1.2k


This recipe was an educational journey, the instructions walk through the reason for each step and the addition of soaking in cold water was the PERFECT hack to reduce the stickiness of your potatoes. Whole milk produces a not so fatty potato but the butter dolloped on top sure made up for it (though we prefer a recipe that doesn’t lean on toppings to make it good).

The Food Network

Mashed Potatoes

The Internet’s Rating: 4.8/5

Reviews: 195


While the entire process was whittled down to a small paragraph the taste was decident. The fat content was through the roof leading to creamy, smooth potatoes. The bay leaf in the water is a lovely idea but had zero impact on the flavor of the potatoes. 

Once Upon A Chef

Creamy Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes

The Internet’s Rating: 5/5

Reviews: 136


The internet may be on to something here. We gave these potatoes a solid 4.8. This was the only recipe to bake the potatoes and we are converts! It made Russets a viable option and had the perfect saltiness to balance the heavy cream. This is a near perfect recipe. 

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