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Your first thought of scrambled eggs might not be overwhelming desire or immediate effect cravings. You might associate them to lumpy yellow mush your mom made when you were a kid. The hash browns and sausage links were the star of the show, always going back for second on bacon. 

Well, we are here to dramatically change your opinion on this breakfast staple. 

Scrambled eggs should be light and fluffy, decedent, and salty. A true breakfast treat, not just a go-to, quick fix. Get ready to have your world rocked by some of the best and quickest ways to make the most impressive scrambled eggs. Or, if you’re feeling restless head over to our recipe for the guaranteed best eggs of your life.

Table of Contents

The Winner

Our top egg recipe goes to New York Times Cooking. They take the slow and low approach for savory, buttery, melt in your mouth scrambled eggs. Our oven is pretty crappy and couldn’t accomplish the entire 30 minute cook (ours took about 15) we can only imagine the outcome is somehow better. NYT Cooking provides a valuable lesson, cook time is key. 

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Runner Up

If you’re low on time but just as interested in creamy, fluffy breakfast goodness we recommend the Food.com recipe. They take scrambled eggs for a spin with a dash of baking soda. We were pleasantly supposed by the subtle flavor and apparent fluffiness. A solid scrambled egg when you’re in a pinch. *A note for this and any recipe: when salt measurements are recommended this is specific to the variety of salt. When in doubt salt generously to taste. We happen to have sea salt on hand and their measurements were just too salty.

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Whisked Eggs

How We Decided

To rate each recipe, we made each batch of scrambled eggs  according to the recipe without any modifications. With that in mind our criteria for the perfect scrambled eggs are light and fluffy, creamy and flavorful, salty with a good sized curd. 

Scrambled eggs are a cooking staple. They provide a basic understanding of salt to fat ratios as well as heat and timing. If you can make a solid plate of scrambled eggs you’re ahead of the game. Starting with the basics is important and for that reason we only chose recipes that retained the flavor of the eggs, we didn’t include cheese or other toppings. Scrambled eggs should be good enough to eat on their own without additional flavor, however if you want something a bit more adventurous check out our recipes for Turmeric Dill Scrambled Eggs

Back to our rankings. We picked recipes that a random google-searcher was most likely to encounter when looking to make classic scrambled eggs. Best scrambled eggs, fluffiest scrambled eggs, classic scrambled eggs, etc. We threw out any recipe with an average score lower that 4.0/5. 

This led us to cook 5 of the best rated, most reviewed recipes we could find, as well as 2 recipes of our own. In total, we made, and devoured over 40 eggs. Don’t worry our cholesterol levels are okay. 

Recipes We Reviewed

New York Times Cooking

The Best Scrambled Eggs

The Internet’s Rating: 4/5

Reviews: 1434


These might, in fact, be the best scrambled eggs. New York Times does a lovely job of writing descriptive recipes explains the necessity of rigorous whisking and slow cook times. The cream was a lovely touch to bring in an additional fat source. 


Kittencal’s Fluffiest Scrambled Eggs

The Internet’s Rating: 5/5

Reviews: 177


These were killer scrambled eggs. The baking soda was a lovely touch for a simple and effective surprise, though I don’t think it makes the biggest difference. The salt recommendations were a bit heavy, but overall a simple and delicious recipe. 


Simple Scrambled Eggs

The Internet’s Rating: 4.8/5

Reviews: 871


Simple indeed. These eggs were good, nothing amazing to report. The video used shows overcooked eggs and the results were big curds that weren’t overly flavorful. 

Tori Avery

How to make fluffy moist scrambled eggs

The Internet’s Rating: 4.9/5

Reviews: 75


Tori Avery came to the table with a lovely recipe. The eggs were fluffy and moist, enjoyable to eat. The butter measurement was specified to we used 1.5 Tbsp and that worked out well. Nothing overly noteworthy, but a solid recipe. 

The Spruce Eats

How to Make Perfect, Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

The Internet’s Rating: 4.5/5

Reviews: 2113


These eggs were underwhelming. The instructions said minimal stirring which lead to very large egg flavored eggs. While scrambled eggs should be simple they should also be delicious. 

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