How to Chiffonade

How to Chiffonade fresh basil

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What is Chiffonade?

Chiffonade is french for “small ribbons” – which describes the final product this slicing technique produces. A chiffonade is a common french knife technique that produces long thin strips of food. This slice is most commonly used with leafy herbs and greens, but it can be applied to other types of food as well.

What can I Chiffonade?

Most recipes that call for a chiffonade will have you cutting herbs and greens. Usually, you will use this slicing technique for basil, mint, lettuce, and spinach. 

Certain types of herbs do not work well with this technique. Rigid, small, or uneven herbs like cilantro, some types of parsley, rosemary, and thyme aren’t good options for this technique since they’re difficult to roll.

Equipment Needed

This classic slicing technique uses items you already have! All you need is:

  • Knife
  • Cutting Board
What is chiffonade?

How to Chiffonade

Step 1) Stack

Stack your rinsed herbs or greens on top of one another so the tips of the leaves all point the same direction.

Step 2) Roll

Roll the leaves into a cigar shape, lightly pressing them against the cutting board to make sure the roll retains its shape.

Step 3) Slice

Starting at one end, slice crosswise to create small ribbons. Curl your fingers in a claw shape to keep your fingertips out of the way of your knife blade.

Step 4) Separate

Separate the ribbons and sprinkle over your dish to serve!

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