Kitchen Hack:
Cutting Cherry Tomatoes

Bowl of red and orange cherry tomatoes sitting next to a pile of cut cherry tomatoes

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Why You Need This

Cherry tomatoes are a beautiful addition to salads, pastas, and tons of other dishes, but cutting each of them individually takes too long. With this tip, you’ll be able cut cherry tomatoes 10x faster!

Equipment Needed

This super easy kitchen hack uses items you already have! All you need is:

  • 2 Small Plates
  • Knife
Chef's Knife and Cherry Tomatoes
Kitchen Hack: Cutting Cherry Tomatoes

How to Cut Cherry Tomatoes 10x Faster

Step 1) Rinse & dry tomatoes

Step 2) Set cherry tomatoes on one plate

Step 3) Cover with the second plate

Step 4) Lightly apply pressure to the top plate, and run your knife through between two plates, cutting the tomatoes

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